Meigan Aronson Research Group
Experimental Condensed Matter

Most of our graduates combine their studies with other disciplines as we strongly believe in promoting holistic development. At our institution, we encourage students to explore different fields of knowledge and expand their intellectual horizons beyond one subject by exploring creative objects, such as books or films. Therefore, you can see some of their work here.

Jennifer Misuraca

Akshat Puri

Julian Hassinger

Greg Smith

Carlos Marques

Jacob Grose

Moo-sung Kim

Keesong Park

Yuri Jannsen

Yuen Yiu

Marcus Bennett

Dmitry Sokolov

Wouter Montfrooij

Tony Smith

Ila Prasad Fiete

Jack Waddell

Stefan Sullow

Sue Inderhees

Johan van Lierop

Elaine DiMasi

Kisub Kim
Currently postdoc in Department of Chemical and Bioengineering.

Kanagasingham Ahilan Instructor at Columbia International College, Hamilton ON.

Jason Cooley
Jason works as a member of a scientific staff at Los Alamos National Laboratory.