Group at June 2009.

Farwell party for Marcus at Meigan's House in South Hampton, NY.

1st Birthday Party for Keeseong's daughter Jeenah.

Farwell dinner for Dmitry Sokolov at Brickhouse Brewery in Patchogue, NY.

Moosung and Yuri enjoying beer on Bourbon St, New Orleans during the APS March Meeting 2008.

Yuri and Dima pondering over the new 14 Tesla PPMS.

Billy, Jeff Lynn (NIST) and Dima take a break from their BT2 experiment at

Goodbye lunch for Ahilan (January 2003). Left to right: Sue Inderhees, Marcus Bennett, Meigan Aronson, Kanagasingham Ahilan, Jeff Dyck (honorary group member), Johan van Lierop.

Dima and Marcus with the PPMS.

Johan ignores his safety training and demontrates the principle of
`head-in-beam' at the DCS spectrometer at NIST.

Sue and Johan take charge.

Meigan, Johan, Sue and Yiming Qiu (NIST) in the NCNR experimental hall.

Billy expresses his doubts that anything more could possibly go in this cabinet.

Marcus enjoys our lab clean-up day.

Sue and Marcus enjoy lunch.

Sue about to remove her samples from the oven.

Dima about to go fishing for a lost sample in the MPMS. Mental note: next time don't use GE varnish!


Stony Brook University/
Brookhaven National Laboratory