People: Keeseong Park

Keeseong was born in Taegu (Third Largest City in Korea), Korea and got a B.S. and a M.A. in physics at Seoul National University in Korea. He got Ph.D in physics at the University of Texas at Austin in Aug. 2007 (His supervisor was Prof. John T. Markert.) after completing the military service at Korea Naval Academy.

He joined the group as a post-doctoral fellow at Jan. 2008 after working as a post-doctoral fellow for short period at Superconductivity and Magnetism group at UT( His research interests are focused on condensed matter physics experiments. They includes the synthesis of powder or single crystal of cuprates, heavy femions, etc and the study of their physical properties using various techniques such as transport measurement, magnetic property measurement, x-ray scattering, and neutron scattering experiments.

He loves to go fishing, go travel, play softballs, pools, and play with his family (his wife, meejung and his baby girl, jeenah)

Stony Brook University/
Brookhaven National Laboratory